Best Customer Service!

I just want to say that you guys have one of the best if not the best customer service in the industry.  Between Chester and Mark working with me on my transmission noises to my original order, the twin disc clutch and Tremec TKO-600 trans are doing great now.  I didnt believe you guys when you told me to set the rear pinion angle down to match the motor, it goes against everything you read about driveline angles.  It sounded like parts were scraping together in the transmission and all of a sudden it stopped.  No noises whatsoever anymore, and smooth as could be.Thanks guys, I really do appreciate it.  You even started building me a new transmission to correct the problem I thought I had!I very much appreciate everything.

-Dan Burko


Note from Bowler

Dan Burko had called us to let us know he had an issue with noise in his transmission…

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