Our mission is to provide you with the most comprehensive and well thought out transmission kits available on the market today. Every effort is made to include the best quality parts available and to equip you with the best transmission package – all built to your vehicle’s specifications.

Highly recommend

Craig went above and beyond to answers all my question pre and post sale. The tru-shift kit is a solid product! Very rigid mounting bracket, along with a high quality cam assembly adapter for my Holley Sniper unit. It also came along with multiple throttle cable adapters, which will come in handy with future car mods. Highly recommend for anyone doing a 2004R or 700R4 conversion or converting to a different carb/efi system.

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Best Customer Service!

I just want to say that you guys have one of the best if not the best customer service in the industry.  Between Chester and Mark working with me on my transmission noises to my original order, the twin disc clutch and Tremec TKO-600 trans are doing great now.  I didnt believe you guys when you told me to set the rear pinion angle down to match the motor, it goes against everything you read about driveline angles.  It sounded like parts were scraping together in the transmission and all of a sudden it stopped.  No noises whatsoever anymore, and smooth as could be.Thanks guys, I really do appreciate it.  You even started building me a new transmission to correct the problem I thought I had!I very much appreciate everything.

-Dan Burko


Note from Bowler

Dan Burko had called us to let us know he had an issue with noise in his transmission…

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Website easy to navigate…

Website easy to navigate, prompt shipping, and styling of shifter and shift ball complimented my car.

-Brad B

Note from Bowler

Read the review that Brad B. from Sparta, NC left for us about his experience with buying a new shifter for his car from our shop. If you’re looking for a new shifter, we have many kits and conversion kits available. Whether you’re looking for a product for your professional restoration shop, or just for a personal home project, we likely have what you’re looking for. All of our products are made with the customer in mind, and always with the best materials.

Thank you for your review, Brad. We’ve worked hard to have a website that is easy to navigate so that our customers can find the products they need with ease. If you have any problems finding the right product for your needs, just give us a call and we’ll be happy help you out. We always put our customers first here at Bowler Transmissions, and want nothing but their complete satisfaction.


Enjoy every day using this shifter.

Kent S. reviewed Bowler Performance Transmissions

Awesome quality and superb styling. I put this shifter in my daily driver, and enjoy every day using this shifter.

Note from Bowler

Kent S. from Boiling Springs, SC left a review for us about his experience with buying a shifter for his 5th generation Camaro. Thanks Kent for your kind review, we really appreciate it! Are you looking for a new shifter for your vehicle? Then browse our selection and see if we have what you need.

All of our shifters and kits are made out of durable and high quality materials. If you’re not quite sure about what part is right for your car then don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our friendly staff here are always ready to answer any questions you may have about any of our products. Follow the button below to browse all of our current products.

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Second total cure package…

Roy P. reviewed Bowler Performance Transmissions

This is the second total cure package i have purchased. The first was for a 1946 Ford the second for a 1966 Chevelle. Thanks.

Note from Bowler

Roy P. from Mesa, AZ left us a review about his experience with purchasing a couple of our awesome Total Cure Packages. These packages include our Transmission Lockup Module and our Tru-Shift Throttle Correction system. These are two of our most popular products and will make your transmission shift amazingly! Roy left us two photos of the vehicles in which he’s used our Total Cure Packages. Thanks, Roy!

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TCC Solenoid Type 9 LM-D74425E 8654129

Great Product.

Dean H. reviewed Bowler Performance Transmissions

Great product. Fast shipping. Easy installation. Works great. Thanks.

Note from Bowler

Dean H. from Scott, LA left us a review about his experience with purchasing a Solenoid and other parts from our shop. Here at Bowler Transmissions we want our customers to be completely satisfied with their purchases. From our easy user experience to our fast shipping, we are here to help you out.

Everything we sell is of the highest quality and is always built to last. If you ever have questions about a product that we sell here, don’t hesitate to give us a call. A big thank you to Dean H. for taking the time to leave that review! Check out what we have in our shop to find the right part for your next project.

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I know it’s right!

Carlos Q. reviewed Bowler Performance Transmissions

It's a night and day difference driving my truck now!! Been to a couple transmission shops trying to get it dialed in, felt right but now i know it's right!

Note from Bowler

Check out the review that Carlos Q. from Anaheim, CA left for us. Carlos purchased one of our Tru Shift Kits from our website and had a great experience. Thank you, Carlos, we hope to work with you again in the future! Our Tru Shift Kits are some of our most popular kits, and come with great success. So whether you’re looking for parts for your professional restoration shop or for a weekend project car, we’ve got the parts for you!

Our Tru Shift Throttle Correction System works with a wide range of carburetors so it will likely fit your needs! We have many different kits and packages here in our store to help make your project less of a hassle. If you’re ever unsure about which product is right for you, just give us a call and our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you out.

Great product.

Jim M. reviewed Bowler Performance Transmissions

Great product.

Note from Bowler

Are you tired of wasting time trying to find the right adjustment for your TV cable on your 700-R4 and 200-4R transmission? Then let our Tru-Shift Throttle Correction System do the work for you. Jim M. from Valrico, FL recently purchased one of these systems and he left us a review! Thanks, Jim, we appreciate it! Here at Bowler Transmissions we work hard to bring you some of the best products available today. Everything we sell is made with you, the customer, in mind.

If you’re feeling a bit confused and possibly overwhelmed with all of the different choices, just give us a call. Someone here at our shop will be more than happy to walk you through our website and help you order the perfect product. We have a team of friendly and knowledgeable people here, and we look forward to working with you! Browse our shop and see if we have what you need.

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Bowler Shift Lever 10-inch Kickback Razor Black Anodized

Absolutely love it.

Hunter G. reviewed Bowler Performance Transmissions

Awesome product, absolutely love it.

Note from Bowler

Hunter G. from Bismarck, ND left us a review about his experience buying one of our razor shift levers. This sleek shift lever was designed for the Tremec customer and will give your interior a unique and stylish look. We’ve designed a series of shift knobs and levers here at Bowler Transmissions to accompany your vehicle. You can purchase a shift lever, knob, and bezel right now as a package and save some money.

Thank you for writing that review, Hunter! Hunter left us a photo of the Bowler “Razor” style Shift lever he purchased, you can check it out below. If you have any questions about our custom shifters, browse our product pages or give us a call!

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Helps my powershifting at the dragstrip or the back country 2-lanes!

Jason M. reviewed Bowler Performance Transmissions

Now my shifter looks and feels badass... helps my powershifting at the dragstrip or the back county 2-lanes!

Note from Bowler

Jason M. from Columbus, IN recently purchased one of our custom shift knobs and had a great experience with it! Our customer shift knobs, levers, and bezels are not only made of high quality materials, but are adaptable as well. Jason had to adapt his a little to work with his vehicle, here’s what he said about that: “Had to lathe-turn and re-tap the threads to M12x1.75 for my SN95 Mustang, but I knew that all along and bought the 3/8-16 so that I’d have enough stock to do it.”

Our custom shifters are the perfect final touch on any custom vehicle. We have a great variety, all with their own unique style and feel. You can save money when you buy buy a knob and lever package or knob and bezel package. If you have any questions about our custom shifters, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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