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I’ve tried other TV cables, but my tranny never shifted quite right…

Vincent S. reviewed Bowler Performance Transmissions on May 3rd, 2017

Excellent product!! It works just as described. The installation was easy and the instructions were easy to follow. I've tried other TV cables, but my tranny never shifted quite right no matter how much it adjusted them. On the first test drive after the install it shifted perfectly! The difference was day and night! I would highly recommend this kit if you have a 700r4 or 200r4. Well worth the money. Happy customer! 

Note from Bowler

Vincent S. from Coconut Creek, FL recently purchased one of our Tru-Shift Throttle Correction Systems for 700-R4. Here at Bowler Transmissions we developed our own kit to solve all of the trial and error troubles that previously came with adjusting TV cables. Ours is super easy to install and is the best functioning TV cable adjusting system available.

Our cable will adjust itself automatically once you’ve bolted on the supplied bracket and carburetor cam assembly, installed the TV cable, and ran the accelerator. With our system there will be no more guessing work! A big thank you to Vincent S. for leaving the kind review. We are really happy you enjoyed your kit! We worked hard to come up with a kit that everyone can enjoy, give us a call if you have any questions!

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