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Bowler Transmissions Review: Kyle T. of Mooresville, NC

Nick Shotts

reviewed Bowler Performance Transmissions on December 1st, 2016
Rating: 5
We exclusively use and trust Bowler Performance Transmissions for our builds. We run the Detroit Speed cars almost every weekend to develop and prove our own product line and we only trust the best products in the aftermarket to keep up with the demands we put these cars through. When it comes to choices for the transmission we only use Bowler, we have thousands of laps on road courses and autocross courses to give credibility to the performance and endurance of their transmissions. They are the best in the industry and have a knowledgeable and courteous staff that will stand behind their product. In today's world exceptional customer service is a rarity, at Bowler it is a priority and I have experienced it time after time.

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate transmission to tear up the track or a quick replacement for your OEM, Bowler Performance Transmissions is the way to go. Just read this testimonial from Kyle T. of Mooresville, NC about his experience working with us. We appreciate the kind words Kyle, and look forward to many more years of dedicated service.

Tremec TKO 600 5-Speed Manual Transmission

Bowler Transmissions Review: Matt F. of Wadsworth, IL

Nick Shotts

reviewed Bowler Performance Transmissions on November 30th, 2016
Rating: 5
I couldn't be more happy with the dedication and loyalty this company has shown to me. I had quite a few problems with my transmission from my Fox Body Mustang, from the overdrive unit needing to be replaced to it not coming out of the factory fully correct. Mark and his technicians were amazing, helping me over the phone and through email. They stayed late, taking time from their personal lives, to help me. For this I'll never be more grateful. It's so difficult to find a company with this quality of customer service. This company is concerned about not only the transmission, but also that the customer is happy. Special thanks to everyone at Bowler Transmissions. A huge shout out to Craig for taking the time to help me order all of the parts. I would highly recommend this company and will certainly be returning in the future.

At Bowler Performance Transmissions, we do our best to make sure that all of our customers are happy. Whether you’re looking for TKO 600 parts like Matt F. of Wadsworth, IL or you’re looking for a shift knob, we want you to have a great experience working with us. Read this testimonial from Matt F. about his experience purchasing parts …

Tremec T56 Magnum Ford 6-Speed Transmission

Bowler Transmissions Review: Jesse G. of Cullman, AL

Nick Shotts

reviewed Bowler Performance Transmissions on November 28th, 2016
Rating: 5
Bowler is our very first choice when we spec out a transmission for one of our builds. The service is second to none and the support is very good. One thing that we really appreciate is the fact that when you open the box the transmission comes in, you have everything you need that is directly associated with the transmission. All the way to the fluid to put in it. You can't go wrong using Bowler!

Interested in looking for a new automatic or manual transmission? Check out this review from Jesse G. of Cullman, AL about his experience working with one of our transmissions. We do our best to make sure that all of our customers have a hassle-free experience when installing one of our transmissions. We painstakingly ensure that your transmission is built to …

Bowler Transmissions Review: Goolsby Customs of Hueytown, AL

Nick Shotts

reviewed Bowler Performance Transmissions on November 29th, 2016
Rating: 5
We have been working with Bowler Performance for several years now and we will continue to be a loyal customer for many more years. We spend a lot of time perfecting our builds, so we don’t have time to waste chasing down problems and parts. We also need our transmissions to reliably get our customers down the road year after year, especially when we’re making big power. Bowler Performance delivers that every time. Their quality and attention to detail is never compromised. We know that when we buy a transmission from Bowler that we will get it right the first time and we will get everything that we need to get the job done.

Check out this review from one of our very loyal customers, Goolsby Customs of Hueytown, AL. We’re proud that we can consistently provide you with the transmission packages and parts that you need to keep your customers on the road and tear up the tarmac. Quality is the name of the game, and we’re happy to provide you with just …