Phantom Products Xylem Touch Sensitive LED Switches


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Features and Benefits

  • Unique touch sensitive design
  • One touch auto up / auto down
  • Dimmable switch illumination
  • Color of each switch is customizable to thousands of color combinations to ensure a match with other illuminated devices in the car
  • Now all of the switches in your car can match
  • Universal motor detection automatically detects motor stall from any motor meaning it will stop automatically
  • No need for limit switches, intelligent design knows when motor has “bogged” down
  • 30 amp load capability comparable to relay
  • No additional relays needed to run device
  • Can be used in place of a relay to power anything in the automobile that draws 30 amps or less

Xylem Switches are broken down into 3 major categories

  • Toggle
  • Switching Polarity
  • Multiplex

If using Xylem for windshield wipers there is an additional fee of $100. Each wiper is custom and wiper diagrams will be needed when ordered.

Xylem Switches Installation Instructions
Xylem Switch Dimensions