Bowler – Tremec T-56 Magnum Install Set (VSS, Reverse Light Switch, Reverse Lockout)


Tremec T-56 install set including a reverse light switch harness, vehicle speed sensor harness, and reverse lockout solenoid harness. *NOTE this set will not have the correct VSS plug for a GM Performance Super Magnum.  If you have the Super Magnum from GM Performance please select Yes below so we can get you set up with the correct VSS plug for your application.*

Do you have a GM Super Magnum? * 

The Super Magnum sold by GM performance has a different VSS plug that is GM specific.



Set includes 3 wiring pigtail connectors:

  1. Reverse light switch harness (white and white)
  2. Vehicle speed sensor VSS harness (purple and purple)
  3. Reverse lockout solenoid harness (light green & pink or light green & black)

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