Bowler Billet Shift Bezel Rectangular (Select Finish)


Shift Bezel Finish * 

Addon: Shift Lever

Addon: Shift Knob

Addon: Shift Knob Thread Adapter


The new Bowler billet shift bezel is CNC machined from 6061 aluminum.

No more unraveling carpet when installing your bezel. With Bowler’s unique hold down system, you get a clean install every time.

Kit Includes

  • Billet shift bezel top ring
  • Billet Shift bezel lower mount plate
  • 8 stainless mount bolts (*Metric 2mm allen wrench required)
  • 4 Mount bolts & 4 clamp plates
  • 1 Leather Like Boot

Options for mounting the plate:

Option 1: You may want to use self taping bolts or sheet metal screws to mount directly to the tunnel or console.

Option 2: We include 4 mount bolts and 4 mount straps that can used to mount the plate as indicated in Fig. 1. This option will allow you to mount the plate if the hole in your tunnel is already larger than the 4 mount holes, allowing the bolts to go all the way through and mount to the 4 clamp plates. You can then center the bezel where needed and tighten the 4 bolts to pinch the tunnel sheet metal between the lower mount plate and the clamp plates.

Rectangular Shift Bezel Dimensions