Pro Pack Premium Tie Down Strap Kit (Select Color)


Pack Includes

  • (4) 10,000 lb 2″ x 8' ratchet straps
  • (4) Strap Wrap storage straps
  • (4) Protective Fleece Sleeves
  • Heavy Duty Padded Bag

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These detachable straps are incredibly versatile and strong. The pro pack features longer 40-inch axle straps and protective fleece sleeves. Trusted by The Ford Museum to transport their priceless vehicles.


  • Mac’s best-selling tie-down package
  • Same Mac’s quality at a lower cost
  • 10,000 lb strap capacity
  • Easy release ratchet handles
  • Direct hook ends move ratchet out from under chassis

These straps are an excellent option for your off-roader. They’ve been fabricated using the thickest materials and highest stitch count available. Each of the straps within this pack is rated for 10,000 lbs of load capacity and is fitted with a twisted hook to better haul your lifted vehicle. With our high-performance materials, our straps are significantly more resistant to chafing and UV damage when compared to other brands.

The soft, detachable axle straps protect your car’s finish with padded outer 3/8″ fleece sleeves.

Our ratchet has seen recent design changes to make them even better than before. The free-wheeling design of our new strap mandrel eliminates any “sticky” feeling – a common problem in other ratchets. A one-piece handle and new mandrel caps improve rigidity by 40% and help to prevent debris buildup.

The direct hook ends that you’ll find on these straps are fantastic because they keep the ratchet handle out from beneath your chassis, making them significantly easier to use from other straps.

This pack also comes with 4 strap wrap storage straps and a heavy duty padded bag to keep everything in order. Whether you’re on the road or in the shop, you’ve got a way to keep your new axle strips clean and tidy.

Made in the USA

Pack Includes

  • (4) 10,000 lb 2″ x 8′ ratchet straps
  • (4) Strap Wrap storage straps
  • (4) Protective Fleece Sleeves
  • Heavy Duty Padded Bag