4L60E Mechanical Speedometer Conversion ’93-’97


Early 1993 – ’97 4L60-E mechanical speedometer adapter conversion kit.


*This product is built to order, please allow 1-2 days before shipping*

Tire Size

Rear Axle Gear Ratio


Ready to upgrade to a modern 4 speed electronic transmission but want to use your existing Mechanical speedometer?  Now you can.  With this conversion tail housing, we give you the option to have both the electronic speedometer output for your computer as well as a mechanical speedometer output for your standard GM mechanical speedometer cable.  This kit only fits the ’93-’97 4 bolt style tail housings.  We have three options of tail housings; one with a lower mount location, one for the Camaro torque arm and one with no mount locations.  We must have your tire size and gear ratio.