Bowler 4L80-E / 4L85-E Transmission Cooler Line Fitting for 1996 ( and up) 1/4 NSPT threads to -6 AN line fitting


These are transmission cooler line fittings for 1996+ 4L80 E /4L85 E transmissions.


These are transmission cooler line fittings for 1996 – 08.  4L80-E/4L85-E transmissions.  Will allow for the connection of a -6AN size fitting.

Includes 2 fittings, one for the front cooler line and one for the rear cooler line fitting. This kit only fits 4L80-E & 4L85-E transmissions from 1996+. The rear cooler line is a special fitting and must be used with the lube tube to avoid transmission damage.

Fits most 1996 – 2008 cases with 1/4 NSPT threads.  9/16-18 thread for 2009 – Up also available.

To determine which you need, remove the stock adapters and measure the diameter of the threads.  If measurement is 0.5568″ they are 9/16 – 18.

If they measure 0.521″, the 1/4 NSPT option, which is the most popular, is required.

O-rings included.

Made of aluminum and may be anodized.

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