1966 Ford Mustang Test Car by Detroit Speed

1966 Ford Mustang Test Car by Detroit Speed

Alexis Austin

This 1966 Ford Mustang got a second chance when Detroit Speed made it the official test car for DSE’s line of 1964.5-1970 Mustang products. This solid vintage model became the testing grounds for DSE to design, test fit, install, and evaluate new products on this style before they’re sold to the public. It went into their garage as a solid …

1965 Ford Mustang by Ringbrothers

1965 Ford Mustang “Espionage” by Ringbrothers

Holly Battle

This 1965 Ford Mustang named “Espionage” is certainly Bond-worthy. It was built by none other than the talented team at Ringbrothers. This widebody Fastback is completely carbon-fiber. It’s not just a copy of a Fastback either, they actually took the shape of it and widened it by two inches on each side along with many other other tweaks to make …

1965 Mustang Blizzard by Ringbrothers

1965 Ford Mustang “Blizzard” by Ringbrothers

Craig Meyer

This is the kind of blizzard that you’d be happy to see coming towards you. It’s not just any winter storm though, it’s a 1965 Ford Mustang built by the talented Ringbrothers. They named it “Blizzard” for its radiant coat of BASF Glasurit Waterborne “Blizzard White” paint. It made its big debut at the 2013 SEMA Show where the team …

1965 Ford Mustang

1965 Ford Mustang by Roadster Shop

Holly Battle

This 1965 Ford Mustang was a father and son project combined with help from the team at Roadster Shop. Joel and his father brought this beautiful mustang to life all whilst living over 1,000 miles apart from each other. You see, Joel lived in California while his retired father lived up in Oregon. But the distance didn’t stop their love …

1965 Ford Mustang "Producer" by Ringbrothers

1965 Ford Mustang “Producer” By Ringbrothers

Holly Battle

Check out this 1965 Ford Mustang. It’s called “Producer” and was built by Ringbrothers for owner Gary Bowers. The Mustang got its name from Bowers’ Waynesburg, Pennsylvania based Producer Supply company. Mr. Bowers first saw the car at a Barrett-Jackson Auction and from there it eventually made its way to the legendary Ringbrothers shop. One of the most significant changes …

1965 Ford Mustang by Classic Restorations

1965 Ford Mustang “Black Diamond” By Classic Restorations

Holly Battle

This 1965 Ford Mustang was built by Classic Restorations for owners Todd and Stephanie Foust. Back in 2011 it took home awards like the Autoloc Slick & Smooth from Goodguys PPG Nationals, Classic Instruments Pro’s Pick at NSRA Street Rod Nationals, Flowmaster American Thunder Winner from Goodguys Peak Chicagoland Nationals, People’s Choice at Harvest Homecoming, and much more. It’s not …

1940 Ford Convertible "Lucille" by Goolsby Customs

1940 Ford Convertible “Lucille” by Goolsby Customs

Holly Battle

This shiny 1940 Ford Convertible named “Lucille” is owned by Debbie Walls, wife of Lokar founder Skip Walls. This hot rod has over two decades of history with Debbie and Skip. They originally found it in the early 90’s and it quickly became Debbie’s favorite car to drive. However, after being torn apart for various projects and making trips to …

1966 Ford Mustang by Ringbrothers

1966 Ford Mustang Fastback “Bailout” by Ringbrothers

Holly Battle

This 1966 Ford Mustang Fastback named “Bailout” was built by Ringbrothers. Mike and Jim Ring have helped design and build many amazing vehicles for other people through their own shop in Wisconsin. They’re known across the country for their outstanding and award winning high-end builds. Sometimes they have to take a break from building cars for other people and build …

1932 Ford Roadster "The Time Merchant" by Goolsby Customs

1932 Ford Roadster “The Time Merchant” by Goolsby Customs

Holly Battle

Check out this stunning 1932 Ford Roadster titled “The Time Merchant,” built by Goolsby Customs for owner Matthew Gordon. Its name is inspired by the old TV series Lost In Space, which was a favorite of Gordon’s father. The design for the vehicle was originally sketched by the talented Eric Black of E.Black Designs. The original drawing was of a …

1956 Ford F-100 by Ringbrothers

1956 Ford F100 “Clem 101” by Ringbrothers

Holly Battle

Ringbrothers showed off another awesome build at SEMA 2017 with this 1956 Ford F100 that they named “Clem 101.” True to Ringbrothers’ style, they combined old-school looks with modern technology in this beautiful pickup truck. It started out as a rusty old 1954 F100 and evolved into a 1956 model when they traded the ’54 cab for a ’56. The …

1964 Ford Fairlane "Afterburner"

1964 Ford Fairlane Afterburner built by Ringbrothers

Alexis Austin

This gorgeous project car debuted at the 2009 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Nicknamed “Afterburner,” it’s based on a two-door 1964 Ford Fairlane. The full makeover included a carbon fiber hood, fenders, front and rear bumpers, side intakes, and deck lid spoiler. The Ringbrothers’ billet aluminum decorates the car from engine bay to tail lamps. The shiny paint job features …

1965 Ford Mustang "Ballistic"

1965 Ford Mustang Ballistic built by Ringbrothers

Alexis Austin

This one-of-a-kind 1965 Ford Mustang, nicknamed the “Ballistic,” debuted at the 2016 SEMA Show last year. The Ringbrothers have built many custom Mustangs in the past, but the Ballistic marks the first widebody convertible they have worked on. It was a great choice for the first car reveal they hosted in their booth at SEMA! While this car isn’t as …