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Foxbody fitment ? for TKX

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Good day.  Looks like this forum does not get used much but I'll try it before bugging the sales department.  The basics:

1988 Mustang GT, 331 with a T5 Z spec. Looking to replace with the TKX.

I am currently using a Lakewood 15203 SFI bellhousing. Will the TKX work with this bellhousing?

What other installation information do I need? pilot bushing, driveshaft yoke, shifter info. Any information is more than I have right now! 

Thank you for your time. 



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According to the Holley website, it shows that bellhousing will also fit the TKX bolt pattern, so you should be good to go there.  You will want to put a new pilot bushing in and you'll need a 31 spline slip yoke.  Depending on which TKX you get you may also need to swap to a 26 spline clutch.  Other than that the mounting should be very similar between the T5 and TKX.  If you have any other questions don't hesitate to shoot me an email