Bowler Crossmembers Are The Perfect Fit For Your Tremec Transmission

The transmission crossmember is probably one of the most often overlooked component to a transmission swap. The transmission, itself, takes all the glory while the supporting components are left to the bottom of the credits list. It should be noted that the transmission crossmember does perform a significant function in the overall performance of the vehicle. It may seem like all it does is give the tailhousing a place to rest, but when you’re putting the torque down it has to work in sync with the engine mounts to keep everything mounted in the car.

When you’re making stock levels of power the stock crossmember will do, but when you start turning things up most of those stamped steel parts just don’t cut it anymore. Top that off with a transmission swap and a need to move the mounts you quickly find the limits of what you will be able to do.


The first and second generation Camaros are prime candidates for all kinds of transmission upgrades and one of the most popular is the Tremec 5 and 6 speed swaps. Since those transmissions move the mounting location back a few inches from where they were originally designed the need for a good quality crossmember becomes vitally important. Bowler Performance has set out to design and build a good quality crossmember for each variation of Tremec transmission with each type of subframe, motor mount, and engine combo there is, and there are quite a few.

Our crossmembers are all designed to fit a very specific combination of parts being installed to give you the best possible outcome for final fitment. We also wanted to create a solution that was not only incredibly strong, but also looked just as good as it performed. The tubing is CNC bent 1.25” O.D. x .219 wall steel that is then fixture welded to the .25” thick steel mounting plates.


This combination of parts eliminates any chance for flex in the drivetrain so that your power is transferring straight to the wheels and not being absorbed by the chassis. The design also allows for use of up to a 3.5” exhaust tube, half height body mounts, and aftermarket subframes. The mounting brackets are designed so that you can install or remove the crossmember without dropping the subframe bolts. We finish the crossmember off with a high quality satin black powdercoat. Regardless of the build plans you have for your Camaro we’ve got you covered on a crossmember.


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