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Tru-Street Series Remanufactured Transmissions

In case you missed our introduction of the new Tru-Street series transmissions, we’re now offering a new line of remanufactured transmissions. We created the new Tru-Street series transmissions to be budget-friendly and high quality.

Current Availability:

  • GM 700-R4
  • GM 4L60-E
  • GM 4L80-E
  • Ford 4R70W
  • More

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a used, rebuilt, and remanufactured transmission?

Like many auto parts, transmissions are available in varying levels of condition. You can purchase used transmissions, rebuilt transmissions, re-manufactured transmissions, and new transmissions (if they are still being offered as a current vehicle option from the manufacturer).

Used Transmissions

Used transmissions can be risky. They are usually not inspected, cleaned, or reconditioned. They are often pulled out of a junkyard vehicle and sent directly to you. Mileage, condition, and maintenance history are often unknown. Many used transmissions may have damage that you won’t find until it’s already too late.

Rebuilt Transmissions

Rebuilt transmissions are a step up over used transmissions. Rebuilt transmissions are taken apart, cleaned, and inspected. Broken parts are replaced. Broken parts are normally replaced. Worn parts that aren’t broken, but still functioning, are often re-used to save on costs. This is where you can run into problems with the rebuilt unit early on. There are many parts in an automatic transmission that receive a significant amount of wear over the course of it’s life and really should be replaced to extend the life of the rebuilt unit, but when those parts are not replaced they can accelerate the wear of any new parts put into contact with them. Serviceable parts or worn parts are often reused without excessive damage or wear. Rebuilt transmissions can vary in quality, depending on who is doing the rebuild. It is important to purchase from a reputable transmission dealer. Poorly rebuilt transmissions may still fail prematurely.

Remanufactured Transmissions

Remanufactured transmissions are the next best option to a new transmission. Quality remanufactured transmissions are inspected and reconditioned in great detail. Transmission parts are aligned, set, and tested as close to manufacturer specifications as possible. This includes the case, pump, converter, valve body, and other parts. Worn or damaged parts are replaced with new or reconditioned parts to meet original manufacturer specifications. After reassembly, remanufactured transmissions are tested to ensure OEM standards are met. If you’re looking for the best remanufactured transmission for your vehicle, check out our Tru-Street series transmissions.

Why do remanufactured transmissions cost more than rebuilt and used transmissions?

Remanufactured transmissions typically cost more than used or rebuilt transmissions. This is due to the extensive reconditioning and testing that goes into the remanufacturing process. For many people looking to replace or upgrade their transmission, they’re looking to find the right balance between cost, quality and risk.

Buying a used transmission is the cheapest option. Used transmissions come with a lot of risk. The quality is unpredictable. Most used transmissions do not include a warranty. Used transmission costs are low because they are not reconditioned for sale. Used transmissions can be cost-effective with a bit of luck (one that works and was maintained well), but they can also be financially devastating if you get a transmission that is inoperable.

The cost of a rebuilt transmission should be somewhere between that of a used transmission and a remanufactured transmission. The risk of buying a rebuilt transmission depends on the company you are purchasing from. Not all rebuilt transmissions are created equal.

Remanufactured transmissions are the highest quality used transmissions available. Like rebuilt transmissions, quality remanufactured transmissions come from quality transmission builders. Due to the remanufacturing process, remanufactured transmissions are typically more expensive than rebuilt or used transmissions. For car builders that want a good combination of value and performance, remanufactured transmissions are the way to go. They are also good for the risk-averse or those who prioritize reliability.

What is a transmission core charge?

A transmission core charge is a charge made to the customer as collateral until the customer sends their old transmission to the vendor. When the old transmission is returned to the vendor, the transmission core charge is returned to the customer. At Bowler Performance transmissions, we do not require cores on our Tru-Street Series remanufactured transmissions.

What warranty is offered on Tru-Street series remanufactured transmissions?

We offer a 12-month limited warranty on our Tru-Street series transmissions.