GoodGuys North Carolina Nationals Bowler Transmissions

GoodGuys North Carolina Nationals Sale

Alexis Austin Events, Sale

This weekend marks the 3rd annual GoodGuys North Carolina Nationals in beautiful Raleigh, NC. The North Carolina state fairgrounds will be packed full of hot rods, street rods, and customs of various makes and models for your viewing pleasure. And if the weather forecast holds out, it will be perfect spring weather for a car show! The autocross event will …

Goodguys Del Mar 2017 Bowler Transmissions

Goodguys Del Mar Car Show Specials

Nick Shotts Events, Sale

The ocean and car shows are two of our favorite things and when you can put them together in one weekend, you know you’re in for a good time! This is exactly what happens each year when Goodguys goes to Del Mar for the weekend. Lots of surf, sand, sun, and hot rods will gather at the Del Mar fairgrounds …

Bellhousing Manual Transmissions Guide

Bellhousing Alignment & Install Guide

Holly Battle News

The past 10 years has seen a significant shift in the amount of new overdrive 5 & 6-speed transmissions being retro-fitted into older cars and trucks. There is just something nostalgic about rowing gears in a classic muscle car that can’t be satisfied by any other means. Pair that up with the new fuel injected engines available today and you …

Tremec Overdrive Transmission

Why Do I Want an Overdrive Transmission?

Craig Meyer News

It wasn’t that long ago that overdrive transmissions were not standard equipment in every new vehicle on the road. The tried and true 4-speed manuals and 3-speed automatics were the only thing we knew, and they worked well, so why would anyone want to change that? During the late 1970s and early 1980s we saw a push to create more …

Goodguys Car Show Scottsdale AZ

Goodguys Car Show Specials

Jared Wilcox Events, News

This weekend kicks off the start of the Goodguys car show season in beautiful Scottsdale, AZ. Even though we couldn’t be there this weekend to participate, we still wanted to extend a show special to everyone. We are offering our Tru-Shift and Lock-up module kits at discounted rates through the weekend. Check out the specials below and act fast, they …

Mac's Custom Tie Downs at Barrett-Jackson 2017

Mac’s Custom Tie Downs at Barrett Jackson 2017

Jared Wilcox Events, News

Mac’s Custom Tie Downs is here with us at the Barrett-Jackson Auction in sunny and beautiful Scottsdale, AZ. For those who aren’t aware, Mac’s builds the strongest, most well designed tie downs on the market. They start with stronger material than everyone else and finish it off with more and stronger stitching along with purpose built metal hardware. The result …